Superior, old-fashioned customer care combines state of the art technology to meet your needs.  Let us help in the success of your business.

Why tie up your staff with confirmation calls?  Let us do it for you at the times most of your clients are near their phone.

We’ll document the time and the employee number and provide a report with accurate records for attendance, billable activities, payroll and additional information.

Ad responses, zip codes, however you want us to “find the store nearest” your customer, our technology and representatives can provide the correct information to your caller.

Let BUZZ Connects answer the phone for your product recalls.  We can also provide the 800 number.
Let BUZZ Connects be your answer to the person trapped in your elevator.  We’ll contact your designated employee when your elevator is stuck.

You’ve spent good money on the advertising, now let us help you get the biggest bang for your buck.  Our professional interaction with your callers will enable you to maximize your return.

We’ll collect the data live or with interactive touch-tone response from your caller.  Pertinent and timely reports will give you the information you’re looking for.


  • Voice Mail…single or multi-leveled user
  • IVR…Interactive voice response with one touch to live representative
  • Informational Announcements
  • AtOnce mass broadcast messaging (1,000 fifteen second calls in 6 minutes)
    • Routine communications
    • Informational messaging
    • Marketing
    • Emergencies and Alerts

What happens if there is a fire, tornado, ice storm, etc?  Avoid losing clients and new customers during a disaster…have your business continue.  Plan for BUZZ Connects to answer your phones.


BUZZ Connects provides us with a very important aspect of our business, First contact with our clients.  They take the initial call that a person has died from the family members, institutions or the proper authorities.  They also handle any messages or concerns that our customers may have after normal business hours.  They do all of this with the utmost respect, courtesy and professionalism that we would ask of any one of our employees.  They provide us with a service that is vital to our business and we appreciate it very much.
Terry Marcou
Schmidt & Bartelt Funeral Services

I am writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the high level of service provided by BUZZ Connects.  As we approach our 10th year of affiliation with BUZZ Connectsr, I can only reflect very positive thoughts and sincere appreciation of the exemplary customer service provided to our customers, our service technicians and our office staff.  Over the past 10 years, BUZZ Connects has maintained a smooth seamless transition from normal business hours through after hours and weekends.  Congratulations and keep up the great work!
David Bavisotto
J.F. Ahern Company

We can rely on BUZZ Connects and that helps us provide our customers the best possible service.  Without BUZZ Connects, our company would not be able to offer dependable 24 hour service.  When we have calls coming into the office after hours, we are assured that they are handled professionally by a real voice and not some recording which gives us an edge on response time.  From emergencies to billing questions, it’s good to know your calls are being handled professionally and efficiently while your office is closed.
Albiero Plumbing

Many of BUZZ Connects operators have been with them for several years.  This brings us a lot of DEPENDABILITY to our business and clients.  They are always open to ideas that can help us serve our clients better.
Holley Realty

BUZZ Connects has done an excellent job as an addendum to our customer service department.  Their office fields over 2000 calls a month for us, enters the data, mails out the materials and reports to us on a timely basis the results of those calls.  They have saved us time, money and manpower and we appreciate the relationship we share.  Keep up the great job !  Thanks you !
Dr Comfort

All of us at Paul Davis Restoration want to extend our deepest gratitude for the fantastic work you do for us.  You all go over and above what is expected of all of you.  We can’t do it without you all.   Many thanks.
Paul Davis Restoration and Remodeling